Worth the Hype?! Kylie Cosmetics X Kim Kardashian West Collaboration

June 20, 2017

One of the most controversial beauty brands out there is Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner. Now, even if you hate the Kardashians/Jenners, you would know that the Kylie Cosmetics line has been crazy hyped up for the last year or so. One of their most recent collaborations with big sis Kim Kardashian West has been one of the brands biggest collaborations to date and probably, one of the most criticised. If you want to hear my honest thoughts on the collection, keep reading!


The collection comes with 4 creme liquid lipsticks, all named after queen Kim herself, all varying shades of nude. I was sucked in by the baby pink packaging. When I purchased the goodies, I wasn't even looking at the actual products, just the packaging - my bad!

When I received the lipsticks, I was instantly nervous about whether or not they would suit me, considering Kim is a lot more tan than my pasty skin. Nude lipsticks are a tricky thing for companies to master for paler skintones. Surprisingly, all the colours actually don't look half bad on me!

The lightest of the collection, Kimberley is a true neutral nude. With hints of beige, pink and peach, this one would suit a lot of people and be a lot of peoples favourites from the collection.

This is a very peachy nude shade. I have read a lot of people LOVE this shade, but for me this is my least favourite. The colour is too bright and pastel for my liking.

Kiki is a pink coral type of nude. It is "bright" nude I think, but unlike Kim, I don't think it looks weird of pastel on my lips. One of favourites.

Last but not least, Kimmie is the darkest of the selection andis a rosy, pinky nude. I adore this one! Super wearable and quite a natural kind of shade. 

The formula of these isn't like the rest of Kylie's lipstick. These are a liquid lipstick with a creme finish, so they never truly dry down. Whilst I do appreciate not having dry lips, I don't enjoy these types of formulas. I find that it is a lot of upkeep as they tend to slip and slide and you end up swallowing the majority of the product off your lips. There is no scent at all, so if that is something important to you these are easy on the nose. The pigmentation and formula is best with the two more neutral nudes Kimberly and Kimmie. The more pastel bright shades tend to be a bit more sheer and streaky in formula. 

Did you get sucked into getting these babies? Or are you not about that Kylie Cosmetics life? Let me know below!

Till next time...

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