BRAND NEW: Becca Light Chaser Highlighter and Liquid Crystal Lip Topper*

August 08, 2017

WARNING: Holo porn ahead!

I was lucky enough to be sent the new holographic collections from Becca Cosmetics. The collection is completed with 6 shades of their Light Chaser Highlighters and 6 shades of their Liquid Crystal Lip Toppers.

I know holographic makeup is the latest trend, and lemme tell ya... I'm definitely on it!

Keep reading to see some holo goodness swatches!

Light Chaser Highlight

Pearl Flashes Gold
Creamy pearl with golden shift
A super wearable white with gold reflects, that cast a stunning white golden shine. Great for pale skins.

Rose Quartz Flashes Seashell
Rose with a hot pink shift
Surprisingly, another wearable shade. This gives you an ultimate Instagram highlight, but with subtle pink shines. Obsessed!

Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini
Soft peach with a rose gold shift
Another favourite. Very similar to Rose Quartz, but with a peach undertone instead of pink. 

Opal Flashes Jade
Golden opal pearly with a teal sapphire shift
The first of the deeper shades. This is actually really beautiful and gives me MAC Blue Brown pigment vibes, except lighter and sheerer in tone. 

Amethyst Flashes Geode
Lavender duo-chrome with a blushed garnet shift
Definitely another deeper colour, but I cannot wear this one as a highlighter. This is a pale fuchsia blend. 

Topaz Flashes Gilt
Golden bronze with a soft emerald finish
The deepest shade, a greeny gold shade. Such an interesting shade with a high shine.

Wearing "Rose Quartz Flashes Seashell"
These highlighters are such an awesome product! The formula of these is smooth, just like Becca's regular highlighters, however the impact of these is definitely not as insane as their original line. In saying that, these are very easily able to build up without looking chalky or weird on the skin. They also blend out into the skin beautifully without leaving a strip on your face.

Although I can use 4 of the 6 shades as highlighters, these have also been released as eyeshadows, which means they recommend you to make the most out of them. Obsessssed.

Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Glow Gloss

Pearl X Gold
Creamy pearl with a golden shift
Typical clear gloss but with gold and green glitter pieces throughout. Perfect compliment on any lipstick.

Rose Quartz X Seashell
Rose with a hot pink shift
Creamy, sheer pink with hot pink glitters throughout. One of my faves!

Champagne Dream X Bellini
Soft peach with a rose gold shift
Light peach with hot pink and orange glitters. Definitely another super wearable shade. 

Opal X Jade
Golden opal pearl with a teal sapphire shift
A deeper nude bronze with green and gold glitters throughout. Easy to wear and pull off, no matter what your skintone.

Amethyst X Geode
Lavender duo-chrome with a aquamarine shift
True holo goodness in this one! Very sheer lavender with blue and white glitters throughout. It kind of gives a "glowing" effect.

Topaz X Gilt
Golden bronze with a soft emerald shift 
The deepest of the collection, but also a sheer colour so it can easily be worn. A purple brown base with blue, pink and teal glitters.

Wearing "Champagne Dream X Bellini" over MAC Kinda Sexy
I'm not a huge lover of lip gloss type products, but these aren't too bad. The feeling on the lips is quite light and hydrating, without slipping all over the place. The actual base doesn't stay on for a long duration, as per a normal gloss, but the glitters do linger giving your lips the sane effect even after the gloss is gone.

I do really love that these are so wearable and can really be used with any lip colour to make it metallic and kaleidoscopic look.

Are you guys planning on picking up anything from this collection? 
As for my thoughts? I 100% recommend the highlighters if you are loving the holo trend and I will definitely be wearing my faves for months to come!

Till next time...

*Products were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own!

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  1. These look incredibly GORGEOUS! I just got into Becca and I love the brand, can't believe it took em so long to try their products <3

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