Too Faced Sweet Peach DUPE!?

September 26, 2017


I'm talking about the brand new BYS palette called Peach*. Keep reading if you want to see if it is or not!

The Peach palette by BYS has 12 eyeshadows, made up of 3 mattes and 9 metallic or sheen colours. I feel that about 2 thirds of the colours are definitely on the peachy spectrum, whereas the final third is more in the neutral zone. 

I feel like it is pretty obvious that BYS were going after Too Faced Sweet Peach thunder but do they match up? In the short, no, but that doesn't mean you should cut the BYS palette out of your to-buy list. In comparison to the TF palette, I find Peach to be more peachy-toned minus some of the more mauve and purple shades in the original. I always found it weird that in the TF, there weren't that many peachy tones even though it is marketed as a peach palette. There are obviously a lot more mattes in the TF version and I wish that the BYS did as it would be a lot easier to create a full look. 

Whilst I do love the TF Sweet Peach, I am absolutely obsessed with the BYS Peach palette since I got it. I love the shades and I find them quite different to the shades in the TF so I can completely justify having both in my collection. 

Now the formula... BYS is an extremely affordable brand in Australia which you can pick up at places like Kmart. This palette retails for an a ridic price of only $19.95. The colours are allllll extremely pigmented and smooth. The one drawback I have to the formula is that some colours can be on the chunkier side and have a little bit more kickback than you'd want, but nothing crazy and unworkable.

A matte cream shade, perfect for highlighting the brow bone or cleaning up looks. Extremely creamy and smooth. A+

A soft golden metallic shade. Absolutely stunning and make a bomb inner corner highlight. A little bit dusty but easily workable.

Similar to Dazzling, however a light pink metallic. Exactly same texture with a little fallout.

An absolutely stunning bright peach pink. Looks incredible all over the lid.

An insane matte red pink shade. WOAH! Such a unique colour and absolutely incredible to smoke out.

A metallic raspberry shade. Extremely intense but killer.

A metallic mandarin colour. Super bright and fresh and again, another unique shade.

A rich warm/orange based bronze shade. Another really unique winner in the palette. Metallic as hell.

A more natural and neutral bronze shade. Looks taupe in the pan, but when used you can definitely see warm undertones peeking through.

A matte warm brown. Worst shadow purely cause it is not as pigmented, however the pigmentation is still better than some of my high-end eyeshadows!

A metallic chocolate brown. Another winner again. Smooth and with barely any fallout or kickback.

A unique light golden metallic shade. A great intense brown bone highlight or inner corner pop.

As you can probably tell from my review of each shadow I am definitely quite smitten with the colours and formula of the shadows. I have been reaching for this palette almost everyday I've worn eye makeup since. 

You can shop the full range of BYS products on their website, otherwise you can purchase this bad boy right here

Till next time...

*Product was provided for consideration but opinions are all my own

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