How To Create The Perfect Dressing Room!

September 18, 2017

EvAs some of you may know, I did recently become a home owner and that means it is time to create my perfect dressing room! I've teamed up with Fantastic Furniture to share my 5 expert tips in creating the perfect glamorous beauty room*. 

If you'd like to see what I'll be including in my room, then keep reading for my 5 picks!

Start With The Main Piece: The Desk

The desk is obviously the main feature of the entire room. I personally like a good white, simplistic desk to keep things looking ultra clean and classy. To keep things minimal, I love the Hayman Desk, a gorgeous sleek desk with a drawer for some sneaky storage. Accent this relaxed desk with the Pop Chair, a modern white frame with birch details - additionally, it has seat padding which makes it perfect for those super loooong looks I know we all create!

Textures Are Your Bestie
Add a rug, add some pillows, add a throw. To create a glamorous dressing room, consider bringing in softer textures to add a little more comfort as without, the room can tend to feel quite sterile and harsh especially with a majority of furniture pieces being white. My favourite picks for a throw and pillows is to head into your local Kmart for some amazing bargain that are super affordable and no hassle to switch out every season when the mood strikes. For a rug, I do like to go a bit more out and for this, I would recommend the plush Stellar Rug in Charcoal from Fantastic Furniture. 

Get Some Storage
You will definitely need something to store your beauty supplies in, however personally I love displaying knick knacks like candles, perfumes and photographs on bookshelves. It keeps the clutter off the desk whilst still looking like you've put in a lot of effort. I don't personally like anything too creative and prefer just a simple piece like the chic Vogue Bookshelf from Fantastic Furniture.

Consider Your Lighting
The key to an incredible beauty room is the lighting. Don't forget to either arrange your furniture in a way to get as much natural light as possible or think of investing (or creating your own!) beauty mirror either like the typical circle with light up edge or if you want to make a splurge a mirror from Glamour Makeup Mirrors. 

Keep A Place To Relax
Have you considered having a little spot to relax and enjoy yourself in? Whether it is an occasional chair or an ottoman, having a spot to relax in or chill out in makes your dressing room the best escape. I am planning on creating a little area especially for me to unwind and throw my feet up after a stressful day. I love the luxurious look of the classic Earle Armchair in Grey and the Oscar Storage Ottoman for some sneaky extra storage whilst still looking chic!

I hope this blog post gave you some inspiration of how to style and create the perfect glamourous dressing room! Fantastic Furniture has some amazing pieces and they are super affordable so don't stress about creating an incredible room (whether your beauty room or a completely different room in your home!) on a more affordable budget!

Let me know below any more tips you have in creating the perfect room. I want more inspiration for my own beauty room!

Till next time...

*Post sponsored by Fantastic Furniture, but all opinions are my own as always

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